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Major of French
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     French Major is a key discipline in our university, and the first of its kind among all the local universities in Henan Province, proud with its employment rate of 100% in the year of 2015. It was approved to be enrolled in “Outstanding Talents Training Plan” program by our university in 2016.

     In order to meet the demands of the socialist marketing economy, the undergraduate program is committed to our students’ all-round development, training them to possess a solid foundation of French language, a wide scope of knowledge, humanistic quality, proficient language skills and independent working ability. This program attaches great importance to students’ ability of language application and cultural communication, which enables our graduates to be engaged in teaching, researching, translating, interpreting, as well as management in the fields of education, scientific research, culture, foreign affairs, business, tourism, and foreign-related hotels.

     Our students are provided with various opportunities for social practice. Since March 2014, a six-month paid-internship program for French majors in Chinese companies in Africa has been conducted annually. As a prospective employment opportunity, it has been warmly praised by our students, who have gained both knowledge and experience and hence been well-prepared for job marketing.

     Major courses include: Comprehensive French (Intensive Reading), Extensive French Reading, French Listening and Speaking, Oral French, French Writing, French Grammar, Selected Readings of French Newspapers, Advanced French, French-Chinese Translation, Background of France, Elementary Knowledge of European Cultures, History of French Literature,Selected Reading for French Literature, Business French, Tourist French, French Movies and etc..


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